Me and Sofia Coppola

When I was stationed in Iwakuni, Lost In Translation came to the base theatre. This was a major coup on a number of levels. I feel like Sofia, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (and their entire team) snuck really good art house in to us almost like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope on a USO tour. It was a very George W. Bush aggressive time in 2003; beheadings on the internet, etc. Sure, there were grumbles after the film ended from a Marine or two expecting a different Bill Murray, but fuck that. When Sofia put My Bloody Valentine into the film it is a genius moment. 

Okay, fast forward to 2010 and I feel like it’s time to really make it as a video director. I have a little money set aside and a big dream to film a video for my friend Monahan. He has just finished a kickstarter and his record is coming out. He even offered to pay some loot for the video. Hurray. In the end, things fell through between us regarding the trip. He did some awesome production for my band no bad feelings. Sometimes, things like this happen.

So when I went to Tokyo I felt kind of dislocated. I was thinking, “Why am I here?”

I took a still at the Tokyo Park Hotel and used it for the Blackbird Blackbird video.

I’m glad that people got good vibes from it although I must say for historical purposes Fukushima took place 6 months later. When I came back and showed the shots to a friend, he said they looked ominous. Who knows?



In 1998, I remember watching Lick the Star on IFC while my patients coughed themselves to death at the nursing home. It was a tough time. Needless to say when Sofia snuck Free Kitten and the Amps into her short, it was very inspiring. I admired Sofia because she had gotten mean reviews for her acting in Godfather III; it just seemed like a no-win situation from my peanut gallery view at the time. But she kept working on her art. She is one of the few artists I make an extra effort to consistently check out.


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