Meth Mouth

I wrote this song on a Yamaha QY-70. For some reason it became popular for a short time. 🙂 Absurd. 



On another note, I would like to take the opportunity to mention Sad, Satyr, Sadist. It was my attempt to make a no-wave album. I was flirting with DNASuicide and early Sonic Youth. It’s a weirdo art-school record. So be it. I feel like everyone else was rapping or doing pop music which is a bratty thing to say, but…. this is a recording about restraint and false hopes.

==> Album


Track notes:

(1.) Let’s Go To New York
This was my attempt to channel No Wave and set the tone of the album. Guitar and feeling is an homage to early early Sonic Youth; pre Steve Shelley stuff.

(2.) Daphne
No wave, minimalist voodoo. Inverted death wish soundtrack vibe.

(3.)  I’m Not Queer (But My Boyfriend Is) What’s more punk that an acoustic song about queer cowboys on a no-wave album? It was gonna be the hit. Lol!

(4.) Gay Porn and Government Money
All right.

(5.) White People Music a.k.a. Drunk Drag Queen Karaoke/ Why People Music / One People Music
This was a failure. Haha. I hear what it could have been but I think it falls short of the transcendent vibe I hoped for. The mix is an homage to a rough mix that Bowie did for Raw Power from Iggy Pop and the Stooges. I always liked that that record is louder that anything else; when you put it on it forces you to either turn the volume down or adjust. It’s poetic. A very masculine record. 

(6.) $1.25 In My Pocket Weirdo No-Wave punk returns. The Video is really druggy. Yikes!

(7.) Forever Girl Theme
A Yamaha QY-70 tune. I wanted a friend, Ayaka Nakamura to be in a movie and wrote this theme song as a love note with her in mind. She was a fun accomplice on a couple of very Japanese adventures. I think this track ends a bleak album on a somewhat uplifting note.


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