The last time I saw Bradford Cox was in a diner in Athens, Ga. I think it was after a Sterolab concert…

I think I was depressed when this album came out. There is a line or two or three from T.H.M and Sleepwalking that still bitchslap me. The visuals are stolen/inspired/borrowed/altered from the Jimmy Fallon show performance and Nico Nico, a Japanese video sharing site where comments appear overlaid directly on top of the videos. I felt it was a genius performance and feared NBC would lord over it and stick it a vault somewhere to rot.

Hidden beneath all that is some Patty Smith and Ramones footage. Sacred sacrilege but they give me that vibe of gritty glam glue that I sniff.

I really liked the album cover that Winston Parker did for Monomania. An interpretation of it became the official video for this song. For me the band is very スーパーAmerican* . If you’ve ever been to the suburbs of Atlanta… or maybe any American suburb that sound/feeling is distilled into Deerhunter; that obsessive isolationist feeling where you know something else is out there. Will you find it? Will it find you? Oddly I get a similar feeling from a lot of Gucci Mane music so who knows.

At the time I decided this would be the last music video that I would do. Video is dead. Long live video. 



*スーパーAmerican (Super-American) meaning something that relates to freedom or expression despite restrictions.


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