Kathy Heideman: Move With Love (Numero Group)

The Recoup


Kathy Heideman‘s Move With Love is an enigma. Who was Kathy Heideman? Nobody knows. Who played with her? Nobody knows. How many copies exist of this extremely rare record? It’s unknown. What happened to Heideman? That’s a very good question. This isn’t lazy blogger-ism on my part; Move With Love is a record that seemingly fell out of the sky and into “Various H” record bins in one or two stores–with apparently nobody knowing how they got there. As absolutely no context exists for Move With Love, one must take it completely at face value.

Move With Love really isn’t a bad record. Heideman isn’t the strongest or most original vocalist, but she has a quality that puts her in the same category as Emmylou Harris, Judee Sill, or Roseanne Cash. Her backing band is competent, offering a gentle, California-style country-rock accompaniment. The mix of…

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